This is the only paint painting in the world devised for brain training.

This is the only paint painting in the world devised for brain training.

Coloring book 10 Cars Prevention of aging.
Ideal for prevention of aging in the brain.
art painting.
Nice to meet you, my name is Machida City's painting classroom "Studio Long One".
 I am continuing my research on painting pleasure and all effects / efficacy.
This painting is a painting for brain training, so practice using at least 12 colors at a minimum.
Let's throw away the fixed idea and paint it.
The leaves of the trees may be blue, and the tires of the car do not have to be black.
Let's paint it as you like.
Small children are free to paint, but adults try to paint as they have seen.
Also, adults paint in the same way as people do.
The same thing can be said in life.
If you live in the same way as a man, nothing new can be born.
There is no freedom.
You only have to live the same way as a man riding a crowded train.
Let's think about what freedom is!
This painting is a great hint to change the thought of the brain.
Everyone please try by all means.
◎ I know that it is also effective for diet. want to eat! want to eat! Please try painting when you think.
It is a useful coloring painting when it is about to lose desire.

Various self
◎This is the display for the PDF you must have Adobe Reader (installation of the application).
◎Coloring classroom brings the revenue as a second business.

・Sheet 10 sheets of motor vehicles (10 cars).
・You can print on A4 drawing paper from an ink-jet printer.
・Please use to brain training.
・Please use the recreation of the elderly facilities.
・Please use for children of color sense training.
・Please use to stress care of the company.
◎Download Products per return is not accepted.
Resale of this work is prohibited.
It is protected by copyright.
Thank you very much.

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