Etsy Coloring Book Men's Original.

Please look at the world's only one of Coloring at Etsy.

It is ideal for brain training.

It is ideal for children's sense of color training.

It is also ideal for rehabilitation of the disease treatment.

You can also use a trial-painted in colored pencil sales floor.


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Cold noodle and curry.

I will eat favorite things.

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Parenting. Stress relief!

Parenting. Stress relief!

Coloring makes me relax the mind.

Children grow up gently.

Boy likes coloring book of the car.

Please beginning Coloring also for children.

Original Coloring are sold at Etsy.


Strong men.

Strong men.

It is digital data.

Please also made of T-shirt.

Picture will grow to skillful children.

Picture will grow to skillful children.

男の子に最適。Idéal pour les garçons.子供は芸術が好きになります。Les enfants vont adorer l'art.
#子育て #Parenting



We introduce the best coloring Book to childcare.

We introduce the best coloring Book to childcare.

10 units of various cars.

Boy is the coloring book of ten  carfavorite.

We sell here.


coloring book for kids

coloring book for kids


Is the coloring book is to raise the artistic quality of the child.

Ist das Malbuch ist es, die künstlerische Qualität des Kindes zu erhöhen.

Le livre de coloriage est d'élever la qualité artistique de l'enfant.

È il libro da colorare è quello di aumentare la qualità artistica del bambino.

Es el libro de colorear es elevar la calidad artística del niño.


Colo Colo Coloring

 Colo Colo Coloring   Wahaha.

It will be anti-aging of the brain by making the coloring.

The color can be colored to ten cars.

Because it is possible to print it out with the printer of the house, it is economical.

Please enjoy it with the colored pencil, the crayon, and the marker pen, etc.

Brain training.

Brain training.


Parenting  ElderlyCare 子育て 老人介護

Coloring enhances the child's artistic sense.
Coloring is ideal for anti-aging of the brain of the elderly.

Painter training of children.

Grandpa of brain training.


Kanji material of Japan.

Kanji material of Japan.

T-shirt material.(KOKORO)

This illustration material of the T-shirt.

Please enjoy to print on a T-shirt.

・T-shirt material.
・Illustration material.
・Home page of illustrations.
・Blog of illustrations.
・Image of the face book.

◎Japanese(KOKORO) → Heart

Here download.↓


Adult Coloring.Men's.

Adult Coloring.Men's.

life is wonderful. STUDIO・LONG1

Happy life.

It is a way to ease the mind.

To eliminate the stress. It is a way to ease the mind.

Everyone gave me gladly.

Anti-Aging is  good.

Will soon old man If you do not train the brain.

We will introduce a more rejuvenated way now.

Coloring is the anti-aging of the brain!

Everyone forever Let's enjoy life keeping the youth!

Car line drawing. (picture coloring)

Produced by STUDIOLONG1

Enjoy the rejuvenation life again! !

It will be anti-aging of the brain by making the coloring.

The color can be colored to ten cars.


Let's gift to your grandpa

I will recommend Coloring rehabilitation of the elderly.

Coloring can continue also easy in the elderly.

Coloring has been featured in the media and very good for the brain training.
Here it is.↓
Let's gift to your grandpa.



Please be present to grandpa Coloring Book

Coloring Book

Please be present to grandpa.
Brain training.



Coloring Book Men はこちらです。